Happy Hormones Seeds are Organic and Natural

Seed Cycling for Women

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  • Absolutely incredible service from start to finish

    Brilliant product, expertly packaged and a follow up email to ask if you needed any help really makes you feel like you are valued as a customer. So grateful and will be back!

    -Elspeth, London

  • Love these kits, so easy and tasty too.

    I’ve used on porridge, salad and soup and works well for all. Great habit to start, will be purchasing again thank you!

    -Charlotte, Portobello

  • Excellent quality ground seeds for seed cycling.

    I’m very time poor so these are a game changer. Naomi provides great info on how to use the seeds properly. I will definitely purchase again.

    -Alyson, West Sussex

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Supporting you through each stage of life to reach your best health potential

Happy Hormones Seeds is a Seed Cycling product. It is a very simple, natural, organic product which can be taken daily.

Happy Hormones Seeds help to support women’s hormones. The combination of organic flax seeds and pumpkin seeds make up the first package for the first 14 days of a woman’s menstrual cycle. These seeds help to support natural oestrogen production. The combination of organic sesame and sunflower seeds make up the second package and are for days 15 to 28. These seeds help to support the natural production of progesterone.

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  • I’ve been having menstrual problems for years now

    And after months of irregularities I decided to try this product, which was recommended by a friend, and it has started to make a difference from day one, I look forward to continuing this product! In addition, customer support from Naomi has been incredible!

    -Sara, Lancashire

  • Fantastic customer service

    Naomi sent me a helpful info sheet and emailed me to ask if I had any questions. I did and she answered them straight away and also pointed me in the direction of a couple of useful books to help with my issues on top of using the seed cycling.

    -Jennifer, London

  • The seeds came super quick

    All packaged and sealed well. Naomi was happy to help with my questions and super helpful with the instructions and tips!

    -Georgina, Stockport

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  • Made in the UK

  • Soy Free

  • Non GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • 100% Vegan

  • 100% Organic

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